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How are we doing it or our „know-how“

We do not use call centers, we prefer direct communication with the doctor and cooperating experts in all fields of our activities, making appointments included. If the situation is urgent, only the doctor can choose the most appropriate place and time. This method of communication management, making diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complications allows us to:

  1. Find the appropriate place and time for the meeting, not necessarily in the hospital or clinic, where we discuss, how can we help you and we plan the next steps.
  2. Make the plan of examinations according to your conditions and needs. Selection of steps is necessary not to waste time with not important tests. This allows us to find the most appropriate method of treatment.
  3. Find the most appropriate center for reproductive medicine for you. We will give you all information available for your decision.
  4. If we are successful with the treatment, the pregnancy after IVF often needs a special follow-up management. These pregnancies do not have to be the risk ones, but in case of any risk, e.g. multiple pregancies or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) the special management is anavoidable. We can help you to find the appropriate place for follow-up and delivery.
  5. The treatment of infertility is time consuming and also quite expensive. We save you time and money by methods of communication (telephone, e-mail), but also by selection of the necessary examinations and most effective methods of treatment so that it requires a minimum number of visits at the workplace. Even in choosing a method of assisted reproduction, a reasonable compromise between the expected result and price is possible, taking into account the "biological background" or your opinions as a couple.
  6. In any mode of communication it is essential to protect your personal data and your privacy. Therefore, some information (such as the outcome of spermiograms) can not be transmited over the telephone or by e-mail without previos personal meeting at the beginning of mutual communication. Telephone consultations during the treatment and in case of acute complications are obvious, as well as the urgent appointments when necessary.
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